HAZMAT Control supply a range of Avon Protection Respiratory Protective Equipment and Thermal Imaging Cameras ideally suited to applications such as Border & Crowd Control, Patrols, Plant Security as well as Search & Rescue.

The NH15 CBRN Escape Hood and CRS15 CBRN Response Pack are simple to use and can be worn by operatives with facial hair, no face-fit test required. Being compact and discreet these products are ideally suited for operatives engaged in covert surveillance as well for use by Airport and Plant Security, Journalists and Media, High Net Worth Individuals and Embassy Staff. 

The Avon Protection FM12 NBC and C50 CBRN are full military specification respirators suitable for high hazard incidents, the PC50 is a scaled down version of the C50 so there has been no compromise on comfort or quality and represents an affordable method of obtaining a world class respiratory protective product. Lens outserts and correctional lenses are available for these products. All 3 of these Avon Protection respirators are compatible with the Ez-Air PAPR device offering enhanced safety and comfort for long duration or arduous use.

Avon Protections' thermal Imaging arm, Argus manufacture some of the most advanced TiC's on the market which include the TT and P-Type listed here. If you have any questions about these cameras or respirators feel free to message us at help@hazmat-control.com

FM12 Successor of The S10

Avon Protection FM12 CBRN Respirator

  • High Specifcation Avon Respirator
  • Tried,Tested & Trusted Worldwide
  • 6 Point Head Harness
  • Police, Military & High Hazard Industry
  • Available from Stock

Avon Protection C50 Respirator

Avon Protection C50 CBRN Respirator

  • Outstanding Comfort & Protection
  • Suitable for High Threat CBRN Agents
  • Toxic Industrial Chemicals & Materials
  • 1st Responders, Industry, Disaster Relief & Media
  • Available from Stock
Avon Protection PC50


  • Robust, Field Proven Respirator
  • Riot & Border Control
  • Plant Security
  • Prison Officers
  • Non-CBRN Respiratory Device
  • Available from Stock

Avon Protection EZair PAPR


  • CBRN PAPR Device
  • Cool Air Flow Reduces Stress
  • Border Control & HAZMAT
  • Post Fire Clean-up
  • Decontamination
Avon Protection Argus Thermal Imaging

AVON -TT-Type Thermal Imaging Camera

  • High Spec, Multi-role TIC
  • Search & Rescue
  • Evidence Detection
  • Border Patrol & Suveillance
  • Missing Person Search

AVON PROTECTION - P-Type Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Law Enforcement TIC
  • Border & Patrol Surveillance
  • Video & Stills Record
  • Person Detection at 2km
  • Airport Security

Avon CRS15 Escape Kit


  • Rapid Donning CBRN Protection Kit
  • NGO's, Media, 1st Responders
  • Security & Embassy Staff
  • Includes NH15 Escape Hood
  • Discreetly Contained in Rucksack


  • CBRN Escape Hood
  • Don in Less Than 30 Secs
  • Ideal for Security & Industry
  • Low Ownership Cost
  • No Fit-Test Required
  • Beards & Facial Hair - No Problem