HAZMAT Control stock a full range of CE Marked, British manufactured gas masks predominantly for use in Industrial sectorsandshipping, but are also ideal for disaster management, humanitarian relief efforts, Media & Security. we are generally able to mobilise large quantities of respirators at short notice if required. Many of the Pro 2000 40mm threaded filter cartridges are also stocked, including ABEK-2-P3 and ABEK2-HG-P3 filters.

Media & Journalists: HAZMAT Control will often advise and supply media organisations and journalists covering riots and conflicts in war torn zones, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

The Avon Protection FM12, C50 & PC50 are specialist respirators for Police, Military, 1st Responders, Security and are also available to corporate journalists as well as specialist industrial users in higher risk sectors such as nuclear, chemical handling and manufacturing.

FM12 Successor of The S10

Avon Protection FM12 CBRN Respirator

  • High Specifcation Avon Respirator
  • Tried,Tested & Trusted Worldwide
  • 6 Point Head Harness
  • Police, Military & High Hazard Industry
  • Available from Stock

Avon Protection C50 Respirator

Avon Protection C50 CBRN Respirator

  • Outstanding Comfort & Protection
  • Suitable for High Threat CBRN Agents
  • Toxic Industrial Chemicals & Materials
  • 1st Responders, Industry, Disaster Relief & Media
  • Available from Stock
Avon Protection PC50 Gasmask

Avon Protection PC50

  • Military Pedigree for the Industrial User
  • Virtually Unbreakable
  • Superior Air-flow & Comfort
  • Fits Standard 40mm Threaded Filters
  • Available from Stock

Scott Promask Black

Scott Safety - Promask Black Full Face Respirator

  • Halo Butyl Gasmask
  • Mid Priced
  • EN136
  • Accepts 40mm NATO Threaded Filters

Scott Safety - Promask 2 Full Face Respirator

  • Silicon Gasmask
  • Mid-Priced
  • EN136
  • Accepts Scott Twin Bayonet Filters

Scott Safety - Promask Sil Full Face Respirator

  • Hypoallergenic Silicon Gasmask
  • Yellow for Enhanced Visability
  • EN136
  • Accepts 40mm NATO Threaded Filters
Scott Vision

Scott Safety - Vision RFF4000 Respirator

  • High Spec Silicon Gasmask
  • 98% Field of Vision
  • EN136
  • Accepts 40mm NATO Threaded Filters

Scott Safety - Sari Full Facepiece Respirator

  • Natural Rubber Gasmask
  • Low Cost: 38 Years in Production !
  • EN136
  • Accepts 40mm NATO Threaded Filters

Scott Safety - Pro 2 Welding Respirator

  • Silicon Gasmask + Welding Visor
  • EN169 Shade 10 Lens + Clear Lens
  • EN136. Spark Guards Attached
  • Accepts Scott Twin Bayonet Filters

Scott Safety - Pro2000 Filters

  • Pro 2000 Filters
  • EN14387
  • 40mm Thread
  • + Pro2 Twin Bayonet Filters


  • CBRN Escape Hood
  • Don in Less Than 30 Secs
  • Ideal for Security & Industry
  • Low Ownership Cost
  • No Fit-Test Required