HAZMAT Control supply a complete range of escape sets for use across sectors including Shipping, Petrochem, Groundworks and Industry. The Scott Safety and MSA Premair ranges use pressurised cylinders to deliver either a Constant Flow of 10 or 15 minutes of escape time or 10 or 15 minutes of escape time based upon a breathing rate of 40 litres per minute for the Positive Pressure versions.

The advantages of Constant Flow escape sets such as the Elsa are 2-fold; firstly operatives with facial hair and / or glasses can safely wear the cuboid hoods, secondly a full 10 or 15 minutes of escape time is assured. The downside to these systems is that during heavy exertion an operative may require a greater air-flow than is being delivered and this increases user stress. By contrast, the Positive Pressure escape sets will deliver an air-flow to suit user demand, however in doing so can reduce the escape time available.

The Avon Protection NH15 CBRN Escape Hood does not rely on a pressurised air source and gives a minimum of 15 minutes escape time. Unlike the cylinder escape sets it is very lightweight and does not require annual servicing. The shelf life for an NH15 unopened is 5 years; the drawback to this type of Negative Pressure escape hood is that the O2 content needs to be a minimum of 18% volume so not advised for use in a Confined Space.

NH15 CBRN Escape Hood

Avon Protection NH15 CBRN Escape Hood

  • Available from Stock
  • Highly Compact Escape Hood
  • Industrial Escape & 1st Responders
  • By Global Market Leader Avon Protection

DURAM - COGO Smoke Escape Mask

  • tested against: CO, HCl, HCN and Propenal
  • EN-403 Certified
  • EU CE mark


  • Industry Standard Escape Set
  • Suitable For Facial Hair / Glasses
  • CE marked in accordance with EN1146
  • 10 & 15 Minute Options
  • MED Shipswheel Approved

Scott Safety - Elsa SPRINT

  • 15 Minute Steel Cylinder Included
  • High Visibility Bag
  • Fully EN402 Compliant
  • Flame Retardant
  • Chemical Splash Retardant

Scott Safety - Elsa MUSTER

  • Pressure reducing valve and automatic positive pressure demand valve
  • Positive pressure facemask in black Neoprene with net headharness
  • carrying bag in black Anti-static material
  • Emergency air in connection with CEN male coupling

Scott Safety - Elsa DASH

  • Extremely Economical
  • Reliable
  • Designed for Industrial and Marine Use
  • 10 and 15 Minute Versions
  • Fully Compliant with CE EN114

Scott Safety - Cen-Paq SCBA

  • Proven, effective pneumatic system with first breath mechanism for use with Promask or Vision 3 facemasks
  • Available in Anti-Static Material
  • Available in durations of 15, 20 and 30 minutes
  • Airline option available with CEN, Foster and Hansen type couplings