HAZMAT Control supply the Scott Safety Flite positive pressure airline bandolier harnesses, ideally used for longer duration shifts where SCBA cylinders are not enough. Airlines can be bought in up to 90 metres lengths (PVC option, 60 metre max. anti-static hose option) and can be used with electric or fossil fuel compressors, the ModulairMax or Modulair airline trolleys.

For compressors that do not have breathable air quality filters an Airline Filter Unit can be used to overcome this.

Flite Cov and Flite Escape can be equipped with leg mounted escape cylinders in the event of primary air failure whilst the RAS systems enable operatives to enter or exit a contaminated hot zone on a filter and switch to air when appropriate.

Scott Safety - FLITE COV

  • Positive Pressure Airline Breathing Apparatus
  • Auto-Switch in Case of Primary Supply Failure
  • Integrated Escape Cylinder Options
  • Simple to Operate & Maintain

Scott Safety - FLITE

  • Positive Pressure Airline Apparatus
  • Simple Operation
  • Easily Upgradable
  • Panaseal, Promask or Vision FFM Options

Scott Safety - FLITE ESCAPE

  • Positive Pressure Airline BA
  • Added Safety of Escape Cylinder
  • 10, 13, 15 Minute Durations
  • Simple Operation & Servicing

Scott Safety - RAS

  • Positive Pressure BA Set
  • Entry & Egress on Filter
  • Maximum Respiratory Protection on DV
  • Simple to Service & Use

Scott Safety - RAS Asbestos

  • PP BA Set for Asbestos Removal
  • Entry and Egress on Filter
  • Added Safety of Inline Filter
  • Maximum Respiratory Protection on DV