RPE - Respiratory Protective Equipment

Hazmat Control supply a full range of British made breathing apparatus suitable for Hazmat Response Teams, Fire Crews - both Industrial and Professional as well as apparatus specifically for Security, Border Control, Riot Suppression and VIP protection. HAZMAT Control also supply journalists and Media with gasmasks & equipment for entering conflict torn zones and those covering riots and civic disturbance.

As well as stocking a wide range of gasmasks and respirator filters Hazmat Control can help you select the correct apparatus for your situation or task at hand as well as ensuring airline systems or SCBA match up correctly to advanced PPE systems such as gas tight suits.

Pandemics: - HAZMAT Control are able to equip medical staff with the correct systems for operatives dealing with a range of ultra-high hazard scenarios such as Ebola outbreaks as well as being able to supply complete Field Hospital and Decontamination Systems for long term embedment. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirement or understand our capabilities in greater detail.