Field Hospitals, Shelters, Fuel & Water Tanks

Field Hospitals & Emergency Shelters

Hazmat Control supply Field Hospitals that can be customised to suit the needs of the application, ranging from small scale incident tents to large scale hospitals for dealing with pandemics and mass casualties. Shelters can also be provided for storage or vehicle and aircraft maintenance and can be accompanied with highly versatile water and fuel storage tanks. Medical instruments and 4x4 ambulances can also be supplied.

Both Field Hospitals, Shelters and Storage Tanks have been designed to operate in a wide variety of hostile environments ranging from baking desert conditions to mountainous regions & sub-zero temperatures. The Field Hospitals that we supply are suitable for Military, Expeditions, Civic Preparedness & Disaster Relief.

A detailed presentation of a 100 patient HVR Tent & Container Field Hospital can be downloaded in our Documents section (registration needed).