HAZMAT Control supply a range of systems suitable for the decontamination of vehicles which include the Atila autonomous decon system that delivers low pressure, high pressure or steam when used with a lance as well as mixing the decontaminating agent. Whilst the Atila is ideally suited to vehicle exteriors, the Scott LDS (Light Decontamination System) is ideally suited to vehicle interiors such as railway carriages, coaches/busses, cabins & aircraft.

Military vehicle decontamination; the Massive Decon Station enables the decontamination of heavy land based military vehicles, this equipment is also ideally suited farm vehicles during outbreaks of disease, chemical tanker & container trucks & rail road cars and trains.The Massive Decon Station can be moved in a 20' container if required by road, sea, rail or air. The containerised storage system also makes it ideal for Ports, Container Terminals & busy Harbours where it can stowed out of the way until needed.

Massive Decon Station for Vehicles

  • 20 'air-transportable container solution
  • High pressure water distribution equipment
  • Generator
  • Compensating air
  • Calorific group
  • Decontamination agent emulsion system
  • Perimeter lighting
  • Waste Recycling Bin
  • Internal clean water tank
  • Waste water tank with pump

Scott Safety LDS - Light Decontamination System

  • Industrial & CBRN Decontamination Operations
  • Delivers Aerosolised Chemistries
  • For Interior, Critical Infrastructures
  • Ideal for use with Decon7

ATILA 18-230

  • Mobile Vehicle Decontamination System
  • Personnel Decontamination
  • Vehicle Decontamination
  • Ground Decontamination
  • Material & Interiors Decontamination
  • Diesel / Electric
  • 2200W 230V/50HZ
  • 4.200 l/h Flow Rate
  • 850x850x850 mm
  • 195 kg