Decontamination accessories suitable for 1st Responders, Police, Disaster Mitigation & the Military user.

D7 Foaming Cannon

D7 Foaming Cannon

  • D7 Foaming Cannon
  • Ideal for Post Fire Clean-up
  • Large Chemical Spills
  • Infrastructure Decontamination
SoloRescue BA Washer

Solo Rescue® Breathing Apparatus Gear Washer

'Firefigher Proof' Gear Washer
Single & Double SCBA Sets
Masks, Gloves, Helmets & Boots
Decontaminate in a Single Wash


  • Vehicle installed surface decon solution
  • Decontamination capacity up to 25 m2/h
  • Water span to 5m
  • Vehicle tailored


  • Rapidly deployed waste containment solution
  • Tray
  • Inflation and deflation pump
  • Waste collection pump
  • Optional Waste storage tank
ATM10 Portable Decontamination Unit

ATM10 Portable CBRN Decontamination Unit

  • Portable CBRN Decon Apparatus
  • STANAG 4653 Specification
  • Dispenses Liquids & Powders
  • Ventilation, Safety Valve & Manometer


  • RD50 Decontamination Agent (400 ml) & 20 x spray canisters
  • Vacuum Device and tools
  • Military rugged case for storage and transport (Aluminium alloy)
  • Internal Removable box for handling and decontamination of devices in the Hot Zone.

ATM 2 MIL portable decontamination unit

  • Ideal equipment for immediate interventions
  • Main body or tank
  • Hand pump
  • Pressure gauge
  • Painted military green or sand colour
  • Carrying bag
  • RD 30 or LD11 decontaminating agent kit

Demon P2 Foaming Machine

  • Multi-purpose foaming machine
  • Configured for D7 use
  • Range of power options
  • 150 L capacity tank
Mobile Incinerator

Portable Incinerator - Field Hospitals, Camps & Industrial Use

  • Portable incineration system
  • Effective elimination of solid waste and hydrocarbons
  • High pressure air stream
  • Minimum ash remnant
  • Hydrocarbon kit upgrade option