Decontamination Systems

Inflatable Decontamination Basins, Cabins, Tents & Water Purification (products featured beneath diagram):

HAZMAT Control supply a range of decontamination systems suitable for small scale use through to large scale mass decontamination. Examples of the uses include small, easily portable units for commercial divers to use returning from cess-pit or sewage farm maintenance, to medium size systems for industrial use at chemical plants or marine vessels through to large scale units for Civic Preparedness as well as military applications - example of a larger system and explanation below:

The schematic above shows a mass decontamination tent with integrated shower system. The tent has inflatable beams meaning that it can be deployed rapidly with fluid bags to collect the contaminated waste. Sections are divided into Male, Female and the middle section for injured / ambulant with a conveyor. Each section has a partition for removing contaminated clothing, showering, drying and getting dressed for exit or inspection by medical staff.

Fluid bags are fitted with strops so that a fork-lift can then remove the waste; by using Decon 7 Decontaminant and Detergent in the fluid bags before removal, any accidental spillages during the removal process will be non-hazardous and non-toxic preventing further contamination of the surrounding population and environment.

HAZMAT Control supply complete solutions which includes the neccesary chemical or Gas-tight Protective PPE and Breathing Apparatus for First Responders assisting  and setting up the system.