Decontamination Basin - Inflatable

Inflatable decontamination basins are an excellent solution for both collecting decontaminated water and rinsing chemical suits or gas-tight suits after contamination and can be used in a range of industries such from Fire Service & 1st Responders to Commercial Diving,  plant industrial use and farming and livestock.

Material: PVC, 517g/m2
Basin: Rubber, 600g/m2

  • Quickly inflated with blower or BA cylinder
  • Durable and strong rubber frame
  • Interchangeable liner
  • Overpressure valve

**Special Offer** - Equipment Bundle £1795.00 +VAT

1no. 1.5 x 1.5m inflatable decon basin + liner,
1no. 6 bar ATM10 portable decon machine (13 litre capacity)
1no. D7 10 litre liquid decontaminating agent kit + 20ml D7 booster

ideal for quick onsite chemical & biological decontamination of personnel in PPE / RPE: ERT's, Police, Industrial Users, Tank Cleaning, Commercial Divers, Military, Scientific Research, Farming

This decon basin bundle can now be bought online 24/7 from our shop here:

Fire Service
Law Enforcement
Chemical Warfare
Commercial Diving
Disaster Relief
D7 Decon Basin Bundle
Manufacturers RRP from: £1395.00 + VAT
D7 Decon Basin Bundle Ansell Decontamination Basins Inflatable Shuffle Pit
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