DEFRA Approved D7 is a highly advanced and versatile Decontaminant & Detergent capable of neutralizing a very wide range of Biological, Chemical and CBRN hazards and threats. Existing users of Decon 7 include the NSA, FBI, US Law Enforcement Agencies as well as major food corporations, producers and Health Care providers.

Decon 7 can be purchased in a number of forms, Quickstrike offers First Responders and Law Enforcement a very convenient way of quickly neutralizing 99.99999% of biological hazards such as Ebola, blood borne HIV, MRSA, TB or bodily fluids whilst BDAS+ will also deal with CBRN threats making it ideal for HAZMAT Response Teams, Military and Border Control.

Non-toxic, non-corrosive Decon 7 will safely destroy infected zones within a food processing facility as well as on the farm, it can also be used to decontaminate soil spoiled through chemical leaks.

Significant cost savings can be made by hospitals and Armed Forces by laundering fouled uniforms and bed linen - Decon 7 is non-toxic and biodegradable as well as odour neutralizing - even removing odour from buildings after Fire Damage. DECON 7 is now DEFRA Approved.

Decontamination Video


Watch our video of D7 being used with a range of our equipment for small scale incidents to mass decontamination and disaster management suitable for managing mass outbreaks of disease or chemical release.

D7 Foaming Cannon

D7 Foaming Cannon

  • D7 Foaming Cannon
  • Ideal for Post Fire Clean-up
  • Large Chemical Spills
  • Infrastructure Decontamination

Decon7 - BDAS+

  • Biological Decontaminant Accelerated Spray
  • Neutralise Chemical & Biological Warfare Agents,Bodily Fluids & VOC's
  • Ideal for First Responders, Military, Border Control
  • Lightweight & Rugged


  • Easliy Decontaminate Building Interiors, Railway Carriages, Hosptal Wards etc
  • Chem-Bio Warfare & Pandemic Disinfectant
  • Neutralizes Fire Related Odour
  • Non-toxic, Non-Corrosive & Biodegradable

Decon7 - LAUNDRY

  • Neutralises 99.99999% of Chemical & Biological Hazards
  • First Responder & Military Uniforms
  • Hospital / Field Hospital & Infected Linen
  • Significant Cost Saving Benefits


  • Neutralises 99.99999% Biological Hazards
  • Non Toxicity & Non Corrosive
  • Eradicate Avian Flu, E Coli, Salmonella Etc
  • No Toxicity & Non Corrosive
  • Both a Biosecurity Disenfectant & Detergent

Scott Safety LDS - Light Decontamination System

  • Industrial & CBRN Decontamination Operations
  • Delivers Aerosolised Chemistries
  • For Interior, Critical Infrastructures
  • Ideal for use with Decon7

Demon P2 Foaming Machine

  • Multi-purpose foaming machine
  • Configured for D7 use
  • Range of power options
  • 150 L capacity tank