D7 & FAST-ACT are both Military grade decontaminants that have a wide range of applications in sectors such as Healthcare, Chemical Manufacturing and Handling, Food Processing and Farming and of course emergency decontamination of crime scenes and infrastructure, nerve and warfare agent release and First Responder PPE.

Features & Benefits at a glance (products featured beneath text):

D7 will neutralise chemical, biological & warfare agents such as Ebola virus, Hepatitis B & C, HIV, Sulphur Dichloride, Phosgene, VX Nerve Agents, Ricin, Mustard Gas & Anthrax to name a few. Ideal for mass foaming of infrastructure or for use in fogging machines in hospital / field hospitals as well as HVAC systems and food processing plants. D7 is ideally used for washing fouled uniforms.

D7 requires pre-mixing and can be used in a number of devices for dispensing, small Ready to Use BDAS+ cannisters for chemical & biological decontamination and QuickStrike cannisters for biological decon are available and ideal for First Responders immediate use.

FAST-ACT offers fast chemical and warfare agent decontamination (no biological decon) and comes in a range of ready-to-deploy dispensers. The 'fire extinguisher' style cylinders are ideal for standby at industrial plants and manufacturing using a range of noxious chemicals.

FAST-ACT cylinders can also be used to neutralise spills + gas-clouds and vapours which are often a concern with manufacturers using strong chemicals such as Bromine and Hydrofluoric Acid.

In addition to the cylinders FAST-ACT can be supplied in shakers and pails for immediate remediation of spills, as well as impregnated towls and mitts for emegency decon of PPE and equipment.