HAZMAT Control supply the complete range of Alphatec, formally  Trellchem gas tight suits which are available in either the Type T non-encapsulated version or the fully encapsulated version for wearing SCBA underneath. If required fully encapsulated suits can also be fitted with pass-throughs for an additional external air supply.

All relevant Standards are listed on each product page, the VPS is a highly durable all round suit that is also reasonably cost effective, the Evo Level A HAZMAT suit with flash fire protection are the top specification. Both of these models are available in black colour in the Border Control & Security section.

Trellchem gas tight suits are ideal for a wide range of uses from Fire Service, to HAZMAT Response vehicles, to Healthcare & Medical Staff dealing with high risk contagions, to the Industrial User entering IDLH environments whether on land or at sea.

Please also see our Decontamination Systems and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Alphatec® VPS

  • An All-round Suit
  • Excellent Permeation Times
  • Durable
  • Cost Effective

Alphatec® VPS Flash

  • Fully Certified in Both US and EU
  • PyroManTM Tested
  • SOLAS Approved
  • U.S. Patent Awarded for Garment Material

Alphatec® EVO

  • An “All Inclusive” Hazmat Suit
  • Chemically Resistant Viton® Rubber Top Coating
  • Outstanding Permeation Times - Tested for 24 hours!
  • Flash Fire Resistant

Alphatec® Super

  • An All-round Suit
  • Excellent Permeation Times
  • Durable
  • Superior User Comfort

Trellchem® NEO

  • Limited Life Gas-tight Suit
  • Light-weight, Soft & Flexible
  • Excellent Permeation Times
  • Ideal for HAZMAT Response

Alphatec® Light

  • Excellent against Alkalis and Acids
  • Soft & Flexible PVC Suit Material
  • Ideal for Light Industrial Use
  • Low Cost