HAZMAT Control supply accessories for the Trellchem range of gas-tight suits which include hands free visor lights for fully encapsulated suits and over-hoods for additional protection for wearers non-encapsulated suits.

Over-covers are also available for operatives working with condensed gases which will help prevent frostbite, whilst cooling vests are available for operatives working in warmer climates or who may overheat due to physical exertion. Cooling vests are also ideal for use beneath chemical splash suits as well as commercial diving dry suits.

This section also includes training suits for a highly realistic simulation of the real thing, and serve to ensure the actual gas tight suits are kept in good condition for real-life deployment.

Trellchem® Hands Free Light System

  • LED (Light Emitting Diodes)
  • Panoramic lighting
  • Lightweight

Trellchem® ActivArmr PCM Cooling Vest

  • PCM Cooling Vest
  • Worn Underneath PPE
  • Ideal for Gas-tight, Chem & Dive Suits

Trellchem® Non Encapsulated Hood

  • SCBA splash protective vest
  • Easy to don
  • One size fits all

Trellchem® Fully Encapsulated Over Cover

  • For use over fully encapsulated suits
  • Minimizes the risk of frostbite
  • Light-weight
  • To be worn on-top of a Trellchem® chemical protective suit

Trellchem® Non Encapsulated Over Cover

  • For use over non-encapsulated chemical suits
  • Unisize
  • Minimizes the risk of frostbite
  • Light-weight

Trellchem® Nitrile Firemans Boot

  • Flame resistant
  • Antistatic
  • Anti-slip

Trellchem® Training Suits

  • For realistic training
  • Same design as a real suit
  • Durable