With the increasing threat of CBRN incidents faced by Border Control & Security, having effective PPE for dealing with the consequences is vital to the safety and ongoing effectiveness of personnel. 

HAZMAT Control supply a range of exceptionally high quality gas tight suits that have been designed for protection against warfare agents as well as a wide variety of chemical & hazardous material clean-ups and decontamination. Used in conjunction with Decon 7 Decontamination & Detergent Agent significant hazards can be quickly & safely eliminated.

The Avon Protection CRS15 CBRN Response kit offers rapid donning PPE escape gear that includes the NH15 CBRN escape hood and requires minimal training to deploy and use effectively.

Trellchem® VPS Black

  • Non Encapsulated Gas Tight Suit
  • Versatile & Robust
  • Ideal for Security & Border Control
  • EN943-2 / ET

Trellchem® EVO Black

  • Level A Gas Tight HAZMAT Suit
  • Very High Specification Material
  • Ideal for Security & Border Control
  • EN943-2 / ET
Alphatec ACT

Trellchem® ACT

  • Tactical Gas Tight Suit
  • Low Noise & Light-weight
  • HAZMAT & Enforcement
  • NFPA 1992 Class 2
Avon CRS15 Escape Kit


  • Rapid Donning CBRN Protection Kit
  • NGO's, Media, 1st Responders
  • Security & Embassy Staff
  • Includes NH15 Escape Hood
  • Discreetly Contained in Rucksack

Scott Safety LDS - Light Decontamination System

  • Industrial & CBRN Decontamination Operations
  • Delivers Aerosolised Chemistries
  • For Interior, Critical Infrastructures
  • Ideal for use with Decon7

Trellchem® ActivArmr PCM Cooling Vest

  • PCM Cooling Vest
  • Worn Underneath PPE
  • Ideal for Gas-tight, Chem & Dive Suits