HAZMAT Control supply advanced Trellchem chemical suits and gas-tight PPE equipment for high risk Industrial use as well as HAZMAT Response Vehicles, Fire Service, Environment Agency, Medical Emergencies and worst case scenarios.

Border Control & Security: - With the growing risks of CBRN hazardous materials being illegally smuggled over borders it is essential that Security Personnel have the correct high specification PPE for safely handling and neutralizing the threats. HAZMAT Control have specially designed suits and apparatus to allow operatives to carry out these dangerous tasks whilst also providing Decon 7 Detergent and Decontaminant to eradicate 99.99999% of biological and chemical hazards.

Pandemics: - Operatives and Medical Staff dealing with and working around highly infectious patients - such as Ebola patients are particularly at high risk from contracting diseases; HAZMAT Control have a range of both PPE and Respiratory Protection products suitable for the threat level being encountered.