Breaking: Global HAZMAT News

30.10.2018 Italy: Venice a City Submerged

75% of Venice left submerged after storm with 110mph winds & tornados hits Italy leaving at least 10 persons dead, forecast for continued bad weather and power outages.

29.10.2018 Australia: Adelaide Super-Clanlab Busted

3 arrested as Police seize 100's of kgs of precursor chemicals, powders, acids & industrial lab equipment for the mass production & distribution of meth.

29.10.2018 Jakarta: Boeing 737 Passenger Jet Lost

Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX 8 flight to Pangkal Pinang has crashed into the sea with 188 on board, Search & Rescue on scene but no survivors found as yet.

28.10.2018 Mexico: Migrant Caravan Infiltrated

Reports of drug cartels infiltrating the predominantly male migrant caravan in transit to US as guns fired, petrol bombs & projectiles thrown at Border Police injuring 6.

27.10.2018 UK: Football Stadium Helo Wreck

Helicoptor carrying billionaire Leicester FC owner loses control outside King Power stadium killing all 5 occupants. Tributes paid, air crash investigations ongoing. 

26.10.2018 UK: Lancashire Fracking Operation Halted

Fracking stopped just 11 days after operations given go-ahead due to British Geological Survey detecting small 0.8 magnitude tremor; Cuadrilla Energy pausing drilling for 18 hours to assess.

26.10.2018 Jordan: Flash Floods - Searching for Survivors

Helo's, divers, sniffer dogs and rescuers work into the night as flash flood torrents claim at least 19 with many more injured near the Dead Sea.

25.10.2018 US: Fake News & Pipe-Bomb Scare Grips Nation

Fake news and vicious political back-stabbing blamed for spate of unsuccessful assassination attempts against prominent US state actors, FBI investigations ongoing. 

24.10.2018 US: Lucky Escape for Vintage Aircraft Pilot

AT-6 aero Pilot avoids motorists while emergency landing on a Los Angeles freeway central reservation due to engine failure; walks away before the craft bursts into flames.

24.10.2018 Australia: Royal Mint Evacuated

100 employees evac'd from Deakin coin factory in Canberra after chemical reaction triggers gas-alarms. HAZMAT crews in attendance, no reports of injury.

23.10.2018 Rome: Berserk Escalator Injures 20

Over 20 Citizens - mainly CSKA football fans injured, 3 seriously after an escalator loses control at a Rome metro station causing a human pile-up amongst broken debris.

23.10.2018 Bayer-Monsanto: Share Price Drops Again in Roundup Case

Shares in Monsanto drop another 8% after California court upholds that glyphosate caused cancer in a groundskeeper potentially opening floodgates for a further 8000 pending lawsuits.

22.10.2018 US: NYPD Body Cams Recalled from Officers

Nearly 3000 Vievu LE-5 body cameras pulled from New York Police Officers after faulty lithium-ion battery ignited a unit causing it to explode - an 'abundance of caution' cited for recall.

21.10.2018 Bangladesh: Welders in Septic Tank Accident

2 welders working on a WASA septic tank in Chattogram have died in the confined space when entering after a gas build-up highlighting the need for confined space entry procedure awareness.

20.10.2018 Guatemala-Mexico: Tensions on Border at Mass Gathering

3000 persons trying to cross into US via Mexico from Guatemala stopped at border, 2 747 aeros of additional Riot Police dispatched as 'moment of crisis reached'

19.10.2018 India: Fireworks Event Train Catastrophe

60 fatalities and many injuries as train ploughs through bystanders on tracks watching burning effigy at Hindu festival of Dussehra in city of Amritsar.

18.10.2018 Indonesia: Helo's Release Disinfectant Over Post Quake Zones

Mass aerial spraying of disinfectant over Sulawesi where 3500 homes were buried in mudslides to prevent disease from decaying bodies; over 5000 persons missing.

18.10.2018 Crimea: 3 days of Mourning Declared

Devastation after nail bomb detonated at Kerch Tech. College followed by lone gunman assault, 20 fatalities and many badly injured with amputations necessary.

17.10.2018 Vietnam: Mattis Visits Agent Orange Site

US Defence Secretary visits heavily contaminated Bien Hoa Air Base ahead of massive site clean-up by US Military: 21m gallons of Agent Orange was released during the Vietnam conflict.

17.10.2018 China: Vaccine Scandal Pharmaceutical Fined $1.3bn

Changchun Changsheng Pharmaceuticals has licence revoked and fined record $1.3bn for illegal production of sub-standard Rabies vaccines.

17.10.2018 Riyadh: Mass Landmine Removal

Saudi-led Coalition to neutralise 2020+ landmines in Yemen as part of $40m Project MASAM to diffuse anti-personnel mines & unexploded ordnance in the war-torn region.

16.10.2018 Ukraine: Military Jet Fatal Training Accident

SU-27 fighter jet crashes killing Ukrainian pilot & US Airforce serviceman, crash site cordoned due to risk of unexploded payload detonating.

16.10.2018 China: 20'000 Corporate Farm Pigs Culled

Mass cull in Jinzhou after outbreak of African Swine Fever fuels concerns over 'corporate-plus-farmer' model with food security & biosecurity; South China Morning Post.

15.10.2018 Belgium: £15m Jet Destroyed by Vulcan Cannon

Airforce Mechanic inadvertently activates vulcan cannon during maintenance sending a parked F16 fighter jet up in flames. Some injuries, no fatalities, 1 expensive error.

15.10.2018 France: Red Alert After Heavy Rains & Flooding

13 Fatalities reported in SW France after River Aude reaches 100 year high & 5 months rainfall in 5 hours, Firefighters attend over 250 incidents.

14.10.2018 US: Cyber Security Chief Warning

US energy & utilities at risk from cyber-attack, particularly Russia or North Korea states Connecticut chief cyber risk officer Arthur House in Washington Post.

12.10.2018 Germany: High Speed Intercity-Express Train Fire

High speed disaster averted after Police Officer sounds the alarm - activating emergency brakes. 2 train carriages destroyed, 510 passengers safely evac'd.

12.10.2018 US: Florida Surveys The Scene

Hurricane Michael leaves a trail of destruction after 155Mph winds flatten trees and homes, mass power outages with fatalities reported.

11.10.2018 Kazakhstan: Soyuz Capsule 1100 Mph Bailout

US Astronaut & Russian Cosmonaut return to Earth in Ballistic Descent Mode after Soyuz rocket fails during staging on voyage to ISS.

11.10.2018 Pakistan: 1100 Venomous Snakes Secured

1100 venomous serpents including the 2 face variety rescued from an automobile in transit to Karachi for attempted sale to hospitals, 2 suspects arrested under Wildlife Act.