HAZMAT Control CBRN Management

Based in the United Kingdom HAZMAT Control supply a range of advanced PPE, RPE, decontamination systems, field hospitals & emergency shelters whether for large scale long term or smaller short term requirements. Hazmat Control products are suitable for a very wide range of industries and scenarios, from chemical & pharmaceutical industries to farming, poultry and food processing, to border control, security & CBRN mitigation, to public spaces and events.

Our range of contacts within the CBRN industry mean that we can bring expert opinions together along with real-time solutions for the protection of First Responders, Citizens and vital Infrastructure.

Industrial & Scientific Users

Much of the equipment we supply is ideally suited for specialist industries using high strength chemicals such as Ammonia, Phosgene, Bromine & Hydrofluoric Acid to name a few. As well as chemical splash and gas-tight suits, breathing apparatus & decontaminating cabins we supply FAST-ACT decontaminating powder for neutralising a very wide range of hazardous chemical spills and vapour clouds - suitable for small spills in a laboratory to large scale mass decontamination of land and infrastructure. Please feel free to contact us at help@hazmat-control.com to arrange site visits or discuss your requirements.

Police, Fire Brigade & 1st Responders

We are always happy to listen to 1st Responders in order to understand the challenges you face as we may be able to suggest new products that have not have yet have been introduced into the mainstream. Recent examples of ever changing threats to Police & 1st Responders include acid attacks in public spaces and the introduction of very high strength and deadly synthetic opioids into society.

Border Control, Security, Transport Network Personnel

We supply a range of products ideally suited for use by Border Control, Security, HMP's and Personnel working on transport networks which include the handheld Decon7 Quikstrike & BDAS+ CBRN decontaminating spray, emergency CBRN escape hoods, CBRN & NBC respirators, chemical splash & gas tight suits.

Transport Hubs

We are also able to offer major CBRN event solutions for Transport Networks and Hubs, a large-scale example:

Commercial airliner: contaminated passengers - major chemical or biological contamination:

HAZMAT Control are able to supply mass decontamination tents for disembarking passengers, as well as the necessary Respiratory Protective Equipment, PPE, decontamination & detergent agents and military grade applicators to keep security & clean-up personnel safe and effectively eradicate all biological and chemical threats from within the aircraft without damaging the interior.

HAZMAT Control can supply large semi-permanent aircraft hangers in order to carry out the full decontamination procedures away from the rest of the airport, as well as large vehicle “carwash” style decon systems for vehicles travelling away from the contaminated zone.  


Ebola Outbreak – Remote Africa

HAZMAT Control can supply robust and highly versatile full field hospitals with inflatable beams for weight reduction, ease of transportation and rapid deployment along with decontamination systems, offices & living quarters.

These can be supported by foldable, and again highly robust fuel storage systems with up to 300’000 US gallon capacity for air conditioning and life support systems, as well as solar powered water purifying systems and water storage.

All medical staff PPE and RPE can be supplied giving highly effective protection against the virus and conditions as well as non-corrosive, biodegradable decontaminating agent to completely eradicate the Ebola virus from bed linen, uniforms, field hospital interiors and the surrounding land.

Planning & Preparedness

Don't delay: Please feel free to pick up the phone or send us an email and start the conversation. We would be pleased to hear from you and happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, listen to your concerns and work with you to identify appropriate solutions.

help@hazmat-control.com +44(0) 844 384 3127.

HAZMAT Control is a Trading Division of Healey & Lord Ltd, part of the Mag Group.